Regularly Scheduled Activities

Christian Workers’ Meeting

Every 3rd Tuesday in the morning from Oct-May the area preachers & anyone else interested come to Southside for a Bible study. This usually starts at 9 AM & ends by everyone going to lunch together. The topics are set by the coordinators who volunteer each May to do it for the following year.

Congregational Meetings

Periodically thoughout the year we meet as a family after worship with "sandwhich potluck" lunch which is then followed by a congregational meeting. At the meeting, those who serve in various areas report on recent activities, make needs known, The elders ask the congregation for any input or suggestions on how to make improvements. The evening worship is cancelled the day of the congregational meeting.

Ladies' Bible Class

Every Thursday morning, (September 1st though June 1st) from 10-11:00 a.m. Ladies' Bible Class meets in the fellowship hall. This is taught by Julia Hawley.

Men's Study

Every 1st Tuesday evening (from September to June), a men’s study is held at the church building. Dan Giombi is the coordinator.

Midweek Bible Studies

During the week at various people’s homes and at the church building Bible Studies are held.

Praise and Palate

On the 2nd Sun Evening of each month we have a song service & a fellowship meal. Jim Nichols coordinates the meal & sets the menu.

First Fruits

The first Sunday of each month is designated as the date to bring in non-perishable food items for those in need, hence the name "First Fruits". This is a great way to serve and lift up those in need. Everyone is encouraged to participate as you may be able. Of course any Sunday, you are welcome to bring items in as well.

Club 55

For those people who are 55 years of age and older in the congregation. Group meets 8-9 times a year, at times including the families. Information is posted at the church, on the hallway bulletin board. Linda Stanger is the coordinator.