Prayer Requests

We pray for God’s blessings on Patrick & Amber Lepien as they move to Arizona this week.

Scott & Christine Saunders ask prayers for a healthier new year.

John Anderson has COPD and is being treated for bronchitis.  The cold weather makes it hard for him to breathe or get out.

Shirley Arnott is scheduled for medical testing. Her daughter, Sarah, asks for prayers for her.

April Alexander outpatient surgery on her hip was successful. She is healing at home. Please pray for her speedy and complete recovery.

Toni Bully asks prayers for her relationship with her mother to improve.

Andrea and Rodney Maybin ask for prayers for safe travels for their son, Aaron Maybin, as he relocates back home to Wisconsin for a career advancement. They also ask prayers for their daughter Adrienne, as she serves the world food program in Guinea, West Africa with the Peace Corps.

Allie Sturomski has Parkinson’s Disease and it is progressing causing numerous complications.

Mark Van Handel’s sister in law, Florence, suffered a major stroke last week. Prayers are requested for her and for Marks brother.

The Stephen and Jacqueline Eylers family will be moving to Peoria, IL in June. Stephen accepted a job there starting when he’s finished with his residency.

Dorothy Henry asks for prayers for her sister’s family, the Porter family.

Prayers that Julie Shuster’s brother, Bill, will grow spiritually closer to God.

Karen Van Handel asks for prayers that a good pain management solution can be found for Mark.

Pat Steevens father was moved into hospice care. Pat asks for prayers for comfort and peace for her father and for her family.

Darrell & Elaine Woodard ask for prayers for travelling grace for Elaine as she goes to Jamaica to visit her ailing mother. Prayers for her mother Algirta, also.

Katie Morawski asks for prayers for her father, Ron Morawski, who has infection in his leg, dementia and cirrhosis of the liver and is not doing good.

Please remember those who have lost loved ones recently, especially Diana Kutcheid, Julia Hawley, and Vilma Bivens.  Others have lost parents, siblings or other loved ones this year too.

Jim Nichols asks for prayers for his brother, Dan Nichols, who continues to struggle deeply.  Dan lost his wife and his son in the last few years and is having a difficult time dealing with life and struggles with substance use.

Dennis & Marlene Saunders ask for prayers for Ryan Wilson, of the Monroe Church of Christ, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Please keep Troy Jensen’s father in prayer as he deals with cancer.

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