Prayer Requests

Nathalie Campbell is being treated for a bladder infection.

Dick Bosetti was admitted to St. Francis Hospital last week with congestive heart failure.  He is at home now, recovering.

We just recently learned that our brother, Gunter Bahn, passed away May 5th.

Juanita Hernandez has a node in her lung. Recent tests showed no change so she will continue to be monitored.

Jerry Seidner has cancer in one of his kidney’s and a blood clot in his leg.

Pam Plale had surgery recently and all went well. She continues through chemotherapy, and her husband, Pat is dealing with serious health issues. Pam asks prayers for herself and Pat.

Mary Brown asks prayers for her mother who has a compression fracture of her spine and is in a lot of pain.  She is planning a procedure to fix it.

Christine Saunders eardrum ruptured and she is experiencing a hearing loss. She is having a tube surgically placed in her ear to hopefully help it drain and give her relief. She asks for our prayers for the ear to heal since she is deaf in her other ear.

Lindy Zinkgraf  is home from the hospital  after having been re-admitted earlier this week due to post-operative complications from her surgery on May 9th.

Mary Brown’s mother a compression fracture in her spine. She is in a lot of pain and is scheduled to have a procedure to fix it.

Zoe Alicea asks for prayers for a friend, Charles Rushing, a 67 year old Vietnam veteran, who has been dealing with cancer and was sent back to his home and will not be getting further treatments.  She feels that he doesn’t have anyone praying for him and that he feels alone.

Shirley Arnott wishes to express her gratitude for all the love, prayers and assistance she and her family has received.

Evan & Ally Stanger have moved to Whitewater this weekend for Evens new job. Please pray for a smooth adjustment as they settle into their new location and job.

The mother of Larry W. Wofford Sr. (Preacher at the South Beloit church of Christ) had a massive stroke.  Prayers are requested that she pulls through.

Dan Nichols asks for us to pray for Nancy Putz. (God knows her needs)

The brother of Bruce Konves passed away last week.

A request came by way of our website. Carolyn Gunn asks that we pray for her son, Ryan, whose wife passed away March 29th, at the age of 32.  She prays that he would seek out a church to attend and become part of  the family to help get him through this difficult time.

Bruce and Kathryn Konves ask for continued prayer for Kathryn’s parents salvation – especially her dad.  He was told he should be in hospice (short time left).

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