Prayer Requests

Elfriede Wandsnider was found unconscious in her apartment and has been in the hospital for a couple weeks. Her oxygen levels are not getting better. She will be going into hospice care soon.

Jan Alexander had successful hip surgery October 16 and is recovering at home. Please keep her in prayer for a quick and complete recovery.

Aaron Nichols accepted a job in San Jose, Costa Rica and moved there Oct 1.  Please pray for a smooth transition for him as well as for his Mom and Dad.

Christine Saunders had extensive surgery to repair faulty mesh. The surgery was a success. Please pray for her as she continues to heal.

Jim Nichols asks for prayers for his brother Dan.  Dan lost his wife and his son in the last few years and is having a difficult time dealing with life. He struggles with substance use.

Amber Lepien asks prayers for her daughter’s journey to connect with Christ.

Jettie Carr was in an accident with a drunk driver.  She has a two broken bones, banged up legs and is sore.  If you are able to provide meals she would be greatly appreciative.  The only restriction is no turkey, or pork (Gluten is OK).  She may also need rides while she is without a car.

Pam Plale continues through chemotherapy, and her husband, Pat is dealing with serious health issues. Pam asks prayers for herself and Pat.

Jim Nichols Aunt Margaret has terminal brain/lung cancer. Also his cousin Andy has bad Lymes Disease or it could be ALS.

Please remember to pray for Troy Jensen’s father as he deals with cancer.

Zoe Alicea requests prayers for her mother and sister in Puerto Rico.

Maria Guerra lost two family members last month.  Her bother, Oscar, died from a terminal illness in Mexico.  Also, her brother-in-law, Ramon Ayla, died unexpectedly in Texas.

Shirley Arnott wishes to express her gratitude for all the love, prayers and assistance she and her family has received.

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