The story is told of a lamb that passed a pigpen on the way to the pasture with his mother.  Watching the pigs wallow in the mud seemed like fun, and on an especially hot day the lamb asked his mother if he could jump the fence and wallow in the cool mud.  She replied, “No.”  Then the lamb asked the usual questions, “Why?”  The mother just said, “Sheep don’t wallow.”  That didn’t satisfy the lamb.

As soon as the mother was out of sight, the lamb ran to the pigpen and jumped the fence.  He was soon feeling the cool mud on his feet, then on his legs, and soon on his stomach.  After a few minutes he decided that he had better go back to his mother, but found that he couldn’t.  He was stuck!  Mud and wool do not mix!  His pleasure had become his prison.  He was hopelessly bound by his own folly.  He cried and was rescued by a kindly farmer.

Sin is like that.  It looks so nice – so easy to escape whenever we wish, but it is not so!  Pleasures become our prison.  Christians don’t wallow! (2 Peter 2:14-22).


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