The Little Things

 You say you can’t do very much for the Lord? Then consider some of the little things which other Christians have done which have produced great results:

Some years ago the writer preached in a series of meetings in Omaha, NE. The local preacher suggested that each member invite by phone all of the local residents with the same last name as theirs. Since one lady had an unusual name with no one else listed in the phone book, she called instead all of those with my last name. Two blind people visited the meetings and became Christians.

A Sunday school teacher in Flint, Michigan, saw some neighbor children playing in front of the church building. She invited them in. Soon the parents visited, obeyed the gospel, and the father became a gospel preacher.

In the 1950’s a lady began studying my correspondence course, Studies in the Bible, as offered by the church in that city. From that contact ten became Christians.

Many years ago two Danish immigrants moved to Toronto, Canada. The wife soon died and the husband found himself alone, without a job, and unable to speak English. The church learned of his plight and befriended and helped him. He became a Christian and later raised ten children to become Christians. At least two became gospel preachers, including one who baptized hundreds in India.

In 1882 a Christian couple moved to Western Michigan from Ohio. Many miles from the closest church of their faith, they resolved to let their lights shine. They converted their neighbors and secured a gospel preacher to proclaim God’s word in their community. Among those converted were my relatives. Had those two Christians not done their little bit this writer would not be a Christian and these lines would not be written.

Monroe Hawley – Oracle, Aug. 11, 1995

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