December 14. 2010

Genevieve Sear and Patricia Young are recovering from falls.

Christine Saunders is experiencing an “MS attack”.

Nathalie Campbell is waiting for recent test results that are checking for cancer.

Elizabeth Bertz will be having surgery on January 12 for total hip replacement.

Brian Williams requests prayers for a friend named Tammy who is being treated for cancer.

Others with health issues include: Carolyn Jones, Rachel Orlovsky, Zak Giemza, Jan Alexander’s sister Vicky McCormick, Brad Stanger ‘s niece Hannah Stanger, Christine Saunders sister-in-law, Laura Eissner, Cherie Chaney, Mark Orlovsky sister-in-law Carrie Orlovsky, Sandie Copasses’ brother Andy Hinson and Karen Van Handel’s mom Pat Peterson.

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