July 2, 2017

This week

Today is First Sunday First Fruits.  Tables are set up in room 4 for food items.

Evening worship is planned for 6:00 p.m. today.

Matt Coffey is planning to reserve a prime viewing location in Veteran’s Park for the July 3 Fireworks.  Contact Matt for details.

Club 55 is planning Picnic On The Farm for Monday July 4 at Scot and Shirley Cerka’s place in Burlington starting at 1:00 p.m.  The location is on Highway 11 in Burlington.

Special Events

The next monthly prayer meeting is being held Tuesday, July 11th, 7 pm at Southside. All are invited to come and spend an hour in prayer together.

The area-wide Church Of Christ picnic is planned for Saturday August 12.

Club 55 members are invited to a picnic at the home of Cliff and Sandie Copass, Saturday, August 19.

Club 55 is sponsoring a “Trip to Albania” Saturday, September 23 through the eyes of a missionary family at Southside.  Kevin and Allison Morrill, are hosting.

Club 55 is planning a “Christmas around the World” party, Saturday, December 2.

Sandie Copass is organizing a group outing to the Fireside Theatre for December 9.  Cost is $67.95 per person and includes dinner.  A sign-up sheet is to be posted outside the coat room for those who wish to attend.  After signing up, please see Sandie to make your down payment.

Regular Events

A prayer meeting is planned for the second Tuesday of each month at the building, 7:00 p.m.

A 6:00 a.m. Tuesday early morning Weekly Men’s Study is scheduled at the Church building.


During the first week of Junior Camp (9-11 year old) July 23-29, Matt Cleveland is in need of kitchen staff as well as girls and boys counselors.  Please contact Matt Cleveland if you can help.  mspcleveland@sbcglobal.net


July Anniversaries: Melendez, Brockdorf, Wainscott, Bacus, L & C Anderson, Morrill, Lepien

July Birthdays: Ian Ribar, Debbie Ketterhagen, Katie Dahms, Amy Giemza, Juan Santana, Lorna Seidner, Maria Hill, Jenna Werner, Jeremiah Saunders, Gerry Kosobucki, Eliza West, Gerald Seidner, Jeffery Valodine, Jr., Michael Morrill

WCYC camp schedule
Intermediate – June 25-July 8  greg.smith@wcyc.org
Senior – July 9-22  jeff.hill@wcyc.org
Junior – July 23-August 5  matt.cleveland@wcyc.org
Quest Retreat (English and Spanish) – August 10-13  wcyc.org/quest

Mid-week group meetings are planned in several locations:
Werner’s home, Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m., “Who is this Man?”
At the building, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. classes for children,
I, II III John
Santana’s home, Wednesday 7:00 p.m., Romans
Young Adults, Wednesday, 6:30 p.m., contact Josh Stafford for details.

We have an attended nursery for small children during morning worship periods in room 2.  We also have a training room at the rear of the auditorium where parents can stay with their little ones while worshiping.

A children’s worship is scheduled to begin near the start of the worship lesson time.  Children’s Worship is intended to provide a time of worship for children age 3 thru Grade 3 and to encourage families with children..

Free CD’s of the Sunday morning sermons are available from Joel Ribar.  Be sure to specify the date desired.  MP3 copies of sermons are also available at the church web site.

The Library is open after classes and the worship period.  Don’t forget to return any overdue books to the library.  There is a book return box located in the entry way next to the picture board.

Prayer Requests

Ali Sturomski is being treated for a muscle cramping condition related to her Parkinson’s disease.

Michael Shuster was hospitalized due to a diabetic reaction related to an infection.

Nathalie Campbell passed away recently.  The funeral was Friday.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Dick Bosetti is being treated for congestive heart failure and had surgery to remove his gall bladder.

Christine Saunders hearing has largely been restored.

Prayers are requested on behalf of our graduates that they will succeed while remaining steadfast in their faith.

Jim asks for prayers for his brother, Dan Nichols.

Latisha Brister and her children, Xavion, Caleb and Kaia, have moved to Murfreesboro, TN.

Kevin, Allison Morrill and their children are at Intermediate camp.

Juan Santana is thankful for their safe return from their trip to Kentucky.

Juanita Hernandez asks for continued prayers for her health issues and for help from God for good decisions.

John Anderson suffers with breathing issues.

Mary Anguiano asks for prayers for her daughter, Ladi Cervantes.  Medical tests she had came back abnormal.  Further tests are planned for July 13.

Jerry Kutcheid has been undergoing treatment for lung cancer since January.

Jerry Seidner is planning surgery for July 18 to remove a cancerous kidney.  He is also being treated for a blood clot in his leg.

Please pray for Adam Nichols’ girlfriend Melissa.  She was walking her small dog Kashmir when it was attacked and killed by a German Shepard.  Melissa had the tip of her middle finger bitten off.

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