October 15, 2017

This week

The Christian Workers’ Meeting meets this week – the third Tuesday of each month, 9:00 a.m.

Evening worship meets 6:00 p.m. today with the subject Divine Conspiracy.

The annual give-away is being set up for Saturday October 21 starting at 9:00 a.m.  Help is needed today to set up tables and bring up items from the basement.  Helpers are also needed the entire week for setup, organizing, during the give-away, and cleanup.  Clean, usable and in good repair items for donation can be brought for donation. Please see Denise Eppler for details.

Kitchen Note

If you would like to donate something to the Southside kitchen, please see Karen Williams or Linda Stanger.  Items that have been left in the kitchen will be placed on a table.  Anything unclaimed will be put in the giveaway.

Special Events

Trunk or Treat is planned for October 28.

An invite your friend Sunday is being planned for October 29.

Picture taking for the picture board is planned for November 5.  A ministry fair is also being planned for that day.

To assist with fellowship time, we are planning lunches after worship every other month starting November 19, with a sandwich lunch.  Please plan to enjoy a little time together.

Club 55 is planning a “Christmas around the World” party on Saturday, December 2.

Sandie Copass is organizing a group outing to the Fireside Theatre for December 9.  Cost is $67.95 per person and includes dinner.  Please see Sandie to make your down payment.


Christine Saunders had extensive surgery, and can use help with meals and housework.  Allison Morrill is coordinating.

Doris Wihowski has a room for rent in her house for $400 per month and an upper flat available November 1 for $700 per month.  This is near 77th and Oklahoma.

The Caring Ministry is in need of a leader.  Jean Jensen has stepped down and the elders are looking for someone to step in.

Volunteers to help count the contribution after morning service are needed.  Please contact Louie Hill if you are interested.

If you would like to help the people in Houston or Florida, you can donate to the Church Of Christ Relief fund http://disasterreliefeffort.org

Youth Announcements

Southside youth ministry exists to instill FAITH.
We will: Form friendships,Actively serve,
Imitate Jesus, Tell others, & Honor God.

If you would like to help with the Senior Dinner, keep November 11 available.

The Mandrake Road Church, in Madison, is hosting a 24-hour, overnight youth rally, starting Saturday, November 18.  See

Regular Events

A time of prayer is planned for the second Tuesday of each month at the building, 7:00 p.m.

Juan Santana is offering a stretching and strength training class every Monday at 6:00 p.m. for about an hour.  You will need comfortable clothes and a mat.

The weekly Ladies’ Bible Class meets on Thursdays at the building starting at 10:00 a.m. looking at the book of Isaiah.

A 6:00 a.m. Tuesday early morning Weekly Men’s Study is scheduled at the Church building.

A men’s study series is planned for the first Tuesday of each month at the building at 6:30 p.m. for a meal preceding the study.  Please see Dan Giombi for details.


A children’s worship begins, each Sunday, near the start of the worship lesson time.  Children’s Worship is intended to provide a time of worship for children age 3 thru Grade 3 and to encourage families with children.  Everyone is asked to begin worship in the auditorium (adults and children).  Parents should accompany their smaller children to the basement as well as children who have not attended before.  Before you return upstairs, be sure to indicate to the people at the door if you would prefer us to keep your young person till you return to get them or if it is alright to let them go after the adult worship is dismissed.

Southside has an email list that is used to send congregational news to those subscribed.  Please join us by emailing
from the email account you wish to receive at and stay up to date with everything happening at Southside.  This automated mail list is used for church related matters such as general announcements, prayer requests, the bulletin, and other items of interest to the congregation.  Please see Craig Anderson or Laurie Giombi for details.

If you have announcements for this handout, please inform Cliff Copass or Laurie Giombi by Friday Evening.

The 2018 Southside Budget is being constructed.  If you have a ministry that requires funding, or you have been asked for budget input, or if you have budget suggestions that you would like to be considered, please provide that information to Brad Stanger by E-mail today.

Mid-week group meetings meet in several locations:
Ketterhagen’s home, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., “Believe”
Werner’s home, Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m., “True Spirituality”
At the building, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. classes for children,
I, II III John
Santana’s home, Wednesday 7:00 p.m., Romans
Young Adults, Wednesday, 6:30 p.m., contact Josh Stafford for details.

We have an attended nursery for small children during morning worship periods in room 2.  We also have a training room at the rear of the auditorium where parents can stay with their little ones while worshipping.

The Library is open after classes and the worship period.  Don’t forget to return any overdue books to the library.  There is a book return box located in the entry way next to the picture board.

Free CD’s of the Sunday morning sermons are available from Joel Ribar.  Be sure to specify the date desired.  MP3 copies of sermons are also available at the church web site.

Please see the bulletin boards for additional announcements.

 Prayer Requests

Christine Saunders had extensive surgery, and could use help with meals and housework.  She thanks you for prayers, cards, good wishes, meals, calls and visits.  She is halfway through recovery.

Jan Alexander is scheduled for hip replacement surgery October 16 and asks for God’s blessings for a successful surgery and quick recovery and on all involved.

Amber Lepien asks prayers for her youngest daughter, Jillian, that she does not get discouraged on her path to connect with Jesus.

Alex Crivello asks us to please pray for him to stay strong in his faith and to set his mind on things above.

Juanita Hernandez asks us to pray for a better unity with our merciful God and Savior Jesus – for all of us and for the world.

Toni Bully asks for prayers for her job and that she will get a car.

Words from Juan: “I stumbled and fell and didn’t want to get back up, until a hand reached down to help me up.  Take the hand that reaches out to you.  It matters to Him!”

Mary Anguiano’s daughter’s (Ladi) friend, Myra, is being treated for cancer, and had surgery to remove her ovaries and a few lymph nodes.  Her recovery has been difficult.  Mary’s grandson, Richard, is battling alcoholism and has been in and out of rehab multiple times.

Elfriede Wandsnider has been moved into a regular room on the 7th floor of West Allis Memorial.  She expects to move her to a rehab facility near her son Roger in Germantown.  Her breathing and oxygen levels are very weak and she is having difficulty sleeping.

Jim Nichols asks continued prayers for his brother Dan and for a person he knows, Ryan Glass, who is having problems with his 12 year old son.  Jim also requests prayers for Aunt Margaret who has terminal brain/lung cancer, and his cousin Andy who has bad Lyme’s Disease, or it could be ALS.

Patti Schultz says, “Thank you for praying for my husbands’ knee.  Dr. stated it is old age and he is healthy as ever!  Pray for my personal growth with God. Thank you.”

Zoe Alicea requests prayers for her mother and sister in Puerto Rico.

Maria Guerra lost two family members last month.  Her bother, Oscar, died from a terminal illness in Mexico.  Also, her brother-in-law, Ramon Ayla, died unexpectedly in Texas.

Aaron Nichols accepted a job in San Jose, Costa Rica and has moveding there.  Please pray for a smooth transition for him as well as for Mom and dad.  Molly Giombi is also in San Jose.

Jettie Carr was in an accident with a drunk driver.  She has a two broken bones, banged up legs and is sore.  If you are able to provide meals she would be greatly appreciative.  The only restriction is no turkey, or pork (Gluten is OK).  She may also need rides while she is without a car.

Amelia and Ozzie Melendez have two nieces who live in Mexico City.  They are still not able to contact them.  Please pray for their safety as well as others affected by the earthquake and rescuers.

Matt Coffey’s aunt Sherly Brandt recently had a bad fall causing a severe head injury.  She is presently in St. Luke’s hospital.

On the hearts of many are the victims of the recent hurricanes earthquakes and fires.  Please keep all in prayer.

Others with health issues include: Shirley Arnott, and Diane Santana.

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