December 13, 2011

Judy Nowlin was in an auto accident last week which totaled her car. She is badly bruised and in considerable pain but did not break any bones.

Diane Santana is waiting for the results of an MRI that she had done on Monday, to determine what treatment will be needed to alleviate some of the pain she is experiencing. She will likely be having another surgery on her neck in the near future.  A decision is being explored for back surgery also. She continues to experience much pain from Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome and is feeling discouraged.

Nathalie Campbell’s one year old great-granddaughter, Chase, was burned last week when she pulled a cup of hot coffee off the table and spilled it on herself. She suffered burns on her hands and chest. She was treated at the hospital and released and will likely have some scarring. Please pray for her and the parents as they probably feel terrible about the accident.

Elizabeth Bertz had total hip replacement surgery January 12. The surgery went well and she is recovering at home.

Shirley Arnott was hospitalized last week, but is now home.

Antoinette DuCette is working though some inner struggles and is exploring God’s will for her in her life. She desires a closer walk with Jesus.

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